All mirror is priced on a per square foot basis

If you are a glazier, avoid the waste that comes with order mirror sheets and simply order the size you need for your project. Mirror prices vary — depending on size, shape, color, and edge (polished, bevelled, etc.) but are typically between $18 - $40 per foot.

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Mirror is shipped in 1 - 3 Weeks

Depending on the finish and size of your project, your mirror will be shipped in 1 - 3 weeks. If you have a tight deadline, after you’ve requested your quote, let our project manager know and we can likely meet even the tightest deadline.

If you have a special delivery requirement, we will be in touch to coordinate once your order is underway.

Fabrication Possibilities

We can fabricate circles, Shapes, & more

For standard shapes — squares, circles, etc. — simply give us your dimensions and we will produce the mirror to +/-1/16 of an inch. If you have a more complicated project, you can send a template to our studio so that we can match the shape and size.

How To Use Antiqued Mirror

Mirror Tiles, Backsplashes, Wall Mirrors, and More

Antiqued mirror offers an artistic alternative to clear mirror. Decorative environments like restaurants, hotels, and high-end homes love special touches that give the space an ambiance and sophistication. Antiqued mirror has been a great choice to add an artistic touch for years…and can be seen in many of the most well known interiors throughout the United States and World.

How The Mirror is Packaged

Getting Your Mirror to your safely

Each mirror comes packaged in a custom wooden crate with a foam interior. Information about box size, weight, and a photo of the box itself will be sent to you before the package ships.



All Review Taken from Our Sister Site

They were so easy to work with and were able to do a custom size for me.
— Jan Anderson
We love our custom antiqued mirror-it opens up the whole front room.
— Pt Chrissy
Our mirror is exactly as we hoped - it is like a piece of art. We absolutely love it!
— Kathy Gambell

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Using our shared resources, we’re able to deliver high quality decorative mirrors to you faster and cheaper than ever before.

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Custom Wall Mirror with Antiqued Mirror

Custom Wall Mirror with Antiqued Mirror

Small Nightstand Made with Antiqued Mirror

Small Nightstand Made with Antiqued Mirror

Antiqued Mirror Tiles in Wall from MirrorCoop

Antiqued Mirror Tiles in Wall from MirrorCoop

Another Antiqued Mirror Side Table

Another Antiqued Mirror Side Table

Two Mirrors with Blue Antiqued Mirror

Two Mirrors with Blue Antiqued Mirror